Prada Success is the result of its role in the emotional

Prada Success is the result of its role in the emotional value of the brand, it is the development of emotional branding results. ! “# $ # Brand value is reflected in its design and modern lifestyle blending water and milk, reflected in the grasp of consumer psychology, not only to work on fabrics, colors and styles, life philosophy behind the design is fit modern pursuit of practical and aesthetic double mentality, to achieve the perfect balance between function and aesthetics.

They make women feel worn, from his point of view is sincere love, and be able to fully express themselves in a number of aspects of it, which is in addition to the minimalist style to the fullest skill, but most people gasp in admiration Miuccia place. Her designs always angered people sincerely lamented: best understanding of women, in the end, or the women themselves Oh! Almost all can break their places of female designers are good at digging female players from their own memories of a common, rather Miuccia more can be better in the hands of players. Whether mainline brand! “# $ # Or Vice-line brands 2 ( ‘2 (‘, quarter after quarter can capture a woman’s heart, clean colors, simple modern yet nostalgic style, in very measured grasp, more evoke pure heart. perhaps in every mature woman’s heart, are hidden forever unwilling to grow up a little girl now. almost every few years! “# $ # it caused a burst of panic buying in the world, people it is regarded as the most understand women’s brand.

In addition, the! “# $ # Attaches great importance to quality, because they know that quality is the key to win consumers, from the consumer’s interests.!” # $ # Product is the highest level in Italy production plant, which is why wear on! “# $ # product will feel comfortable reasons. in order to produce stylish, adaptable sportswear outdoor sports!” # $ # in cooperation with first-class production of raw materials manufacturers, to choose the most advanced fabrics, despite the emphasis on brand young style, but the quality and durability standards is still a special focus on the full after-sales service, which is started with high leather! “# $ # still pay attention to tradition.

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Prada bag how to tell it

Prada bag how to tell it? Prada Prada bag mainly for simple and elegant style as the main female able to design different styles of fashion bags, no matter what style, are worthy art collection. Below, a look at how to identify genuine and fake Prada Prada!

1. The new genuine leather will have a special taste, this taste for the Prada leather special leather preservative solution, simply can not imitate, because the medicine cost is too high, and the taste can be heard to counter.

2.Prada no counter flow factory ship, parallel imports. Prada CEO requested to do their own products Made in Prada his brand of service and do not allow the passage of any mistakes. So there is no problem to ship factory flow. How many products do they have points to close the system, and the remaining outlets must first quarter orders. How many orders, they only send the number of goods.

Most of the black section of the package of basic sturdy nylon material. Bristol will face Prada nylon pad several layers inside, feels not so thin.

4. Touch the bag to see metal Logo, fonts are a little shallow prominent.

5.Prada metal zipper head printed on the back part of the word is the latest security Lampo mark, which is Lampo, the traditional characters, the following will be a number, probably around the beginning of 2002

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